Dyslexia Testing and Schools

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Dyslexia Testing & Schools

        Most schools do not test for dyslexia; they test for eligibility for special education services. Only 1 in 10 children with dyslexia are severe enough to qualify (i.e. must be two grade levels or more behind), under the category of LD (learning disability). The remaining nine are the kids who fall through the cracks undetected and needlessly struggle, often believing they are not smart enough. When, in actuality, they are often very bright, they just need to be taught to read in a specific way.

        Some school districts claim it is a medical problem. (Doctors do not test for dyslexia, nor can any pill “fix it”.) Some say that you need to wait until 3rd grade to be tested (this is because you must have at least a 2 year discrepancy to qualify for special education services). Some districts claim dyslexia is a catch all phrase and there is no test for it.

        All of these claims are inaccurate. A Dyslexia Testing Specialist can test a non-reading child as early as 5 ½ years old. A combination of 10 to 12 tests is given to investigate every area that could be impacted by dyslexia.

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