Learning to Thrive with Dyslexia

Certified Dyslexia Tutor Specializing in the Orton Gillingham based Barton Reading and Spelling System


Our Mission

Our Clients: Helping someone read is an important goal, but we believe that it is more important to help someone learn and more important still to help them grow as a person, developing self confidence and a sense of self worth.

The tragedy of the dyslexic who never finds support is not unread books, but shattered confidence and a misguided belief that they are stupid. Also, we don't want to help you beat dyslexia or overcome it. That isn't possible. We want to help you learn, live and thrive just the way you are.

Science: The information we share and advice we provide is based on current, evidence-based research from leading scientists and researchers.

Assisting Technology: An explosion of assisting technology hardware and software is dramatically changing the education landscape, for both dyslexics and efficient readers. But for dyslexics, the benefits are much bigger.

Any school, teacher or tutor not versed in at least the basics of assisting technology has simply fallen behind in their professional development.

Audiobooks, text-to-speech, speech-to-text and cloud computing are just some of the tech wonders that we think are essential for dyslexics today—and increasingly affordable.

Note: This site is optimized for the dyslexic reader. Font size, font style, background colors, and word density have been adjusted to improve readability.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Since starting  the Barton Reading and Spelling 

System in September, this student has blossomed and is motivated to read. She responds to teacher prompting without hesitation. 

Mary Beth Bryant - Greeneville City Schools RTI FIdelity Moniter.

What our customers are saying

I just wanted you to know that we went to the book store yesterday, and she was actually excited. I can tell already a huge improvement already in her ability to sound out harder compound works. Before she wouldn't even try!

Lindsay Brooks - mom of 2nd grade student after 3 months of Barton tutoring.