Learning to Thrive with Dyslexia

Certified Dyslexia Tutors Specializing in the Orton Gillingham based Barton Reading and Spelling System


Our Mission



Imagine a world where your child's reading and spelling performance represents what they're capable of.

At East Tennessee Dyslexia Services

we partner with those who struggle with characteristics of Dyslexia, 

using our 30 plus years of education experience to help them see progress in Reading and Spelling.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Since starting  the Barton Reading and Spelling 

System in September, this student has blossomed and is motivated to read. She responds to teacher prompting without hesitation. 

Mary Beth Bryant - Greeneville City Schools RTI FIdelity Monitor.

What our customers are saying

I just wanted you to know that we went to the book store yesterday, and she was actually excited. I can tell already a huge improvement already in her ability to sound out harder compound works. Before she wouldn't even try!

Lindsay B. - mom of 2nd grade student after 3 months of Barton tutoring.

What our customers are saying

My son started tutoring almost two years ago when he was in 1st grade. He is now in 3rd and I cannot imagine where he would be without the help of Mrs Alley and the Barton Reading and Spelling System. The improvement that not only I, but also his teachers have noticed in his reading and writing has been remarkable. His confidence level has improved tremendously in school itself, but especially in reading. In short, what Mrs. Alley has given my son is the knowledge to learn in a way that he understands, but more importantly, the tools to apply this knowledge in the classroom.

Sissy R.

What our customers are saying

My son hated trying to read. Even with help he could only read books like Dr. Seuss. After a few months of working with East Tennessee Dyslexia Services,  I went into his room and he was reading without me asking him to. He had trouble reading most everything on social media. As a homeschool mother, I had tried every reading program out there. He also had vision therapy. Nothing has helped my son except for DeAnna and Barton Reading and Spelling. I am so thankful that God led us to her. I am certain he will have a bright future thanks to this reading program. 

Leah L. - mom of  16 year old working with Barton since 2017